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Good God......"He's" actually anything but good.

Good evening!! It's been forever since I put out an entry but, and yes, the fact that I'm serving out a week long ban has definitely contributed to my rant that's about to come.....

I was listening to #RealTalk on Valentines Day Monday and was pumped to listen to Emma Jackson describe her experience at the counter protest that they set up on River Valley road on the weekend. Jackson mentioned how they organized because of the poor performance of the police over the last few weeks with regards to the convoy, Ottawa included. It is nothing short of embarrassing that, according to the counter protesters, that they were threatened with potential fines in accordance with a violation of Bill 1, yet the destructive convoy crew with their offensive flags and symbols and disruptive horns blaring in downtown Edmonton would go unscathed. Isn't the police employed, with our tax dollars, to protect us? I have always had a very close relationship with EPS, as growing up I've had family and friends that served but I ever disappointed. This isn't the way it's supposed to go. They always said, if you want to see change, make change. But yet, in these instances, the "adults" that act like petulant children, and carry weapons because they itch for escalation and violence........are the ones given a secure path to fill their diapers and throw their fecal matter around......

I was hoping that the slow response in Ottawa, and the disgraceful response in #yeg would have been enough but of course the best (worst) was yet to come. It only took the Emergencies Act to be introduced by PM Trudeau for the gaggle of geniuses in Coutts to start to clear out. But what's the biggest rub? The fact that the RCMP hugged, shook hands, and enjoyed cigarettes while "dispatching" of the delinquent lunatics blocking up our province and the prime transport routes. I've never seen such a "cozy" dispersal of people partaking in illegal activity. What added to the frustration of how it ended was that weapons and armor were found at the convoy. I mean, it's a great thing that it ended without anybody getting hurt but, they sure as hell didn't deserve to be shown such respect.

The second portion of #RealTalk included the students that were walking out in protest of the removal of the mandates within schools by the UCP. Thank GOD that we have smarter young people than far too many people who identify as "adults". It's a great sign that we don't have these kids lapping up the bullshit that their stupid parents/grandparents/neighbours or otherwise are preaching and voicing with regards to masking etc. The future is far brighter than the present is.

Also, just to tack on a couple of random points.

  1. Jason Kenney is an incompetent coward and absolutely ground floor for human capital. I've never seen such a stupid and useless human being. With that said, thank you to the PM for enacting the Emergencies Act. The irony of KKKenney suddenly "being ready" to remove the convoy in Coutts shortly after the PM took it upon himself to flush them out. He's got MINISTERS attending the convoy, multiple times. We've got elected officials in the UCP fanning the flames of insurrection. We've got elected officials calling for the resignation of the PM because he exercised his power for the Emergencies Act to clear out the cancer that our spineless premiers wouldn't take control of and force out.

2. The provincial Conservative parties are just as bad as the Federal Conservative party. The Conservative party is dying. It's so refreshing to see more and more of this buoyed and bandied about on SM. We can't stomp this mess of stupidity out quickly enough. People before us should have done a far better job at confronting this but, as seems to be the case with any number of individuals, the entitlement and the spineless leadership of those who have preceded us have greatly contributed to where we're presently at. Shame on them.

To finish this blog up, Fuck you Kenney. You are a useless piece of shit. Your mother should have wiped out your existence with a tissue. You are a disgrace to men, human beings, and even the most irrelevant single cellular organisms. The quicker you're GONE the better. Completely GONE.

P.S - I apologize that this wasn't as charged as I had initially hoped it would be. I need to write it in the moment when my rage is spiked and I'm able to include every frustrated feeling that I have. My life doesn't lend itself to that very easily but if I can, I will.

Stay Safe. Never EVER EVER EVER vote Conservative. Ever. We need to push them to extinction, and while they're being themselves, they'll have a significant hand in accomplishing exactly that.

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