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King Kenny and his band of misfits

Good god, where does one start........

OK, well lets start with something positive, Jason decided to allow teachers and childcare staff accessibility to be vaccinated. How nice, it's almost human of him, oh but of sounds like he was about to make vaccines open to the general public anyway why do the educators now??? Oh you know, so they can say that they were a higher priority than endless numbers of folks who aren't in even close to comparable situations of exposure.

You think 1 educator, 8 different classes of 30 kids each (humour me) = 240 kids in a day. In a week? That's over 1400 kids. Are they all different? No, but that is very significant exposure and we all know it's more important that parents go to work so teachers can babysit them instead of actually educating and helping them to develop into productive individuals (sarcasm), so what's stopping the parents from sending sick kids to school? Oh, that's right. Nothing. Fuck you Kenney. Stupid, manipulative bastard.

So great, my better half is going to get her vaccine this week after a wait that felt like forever, that's where the positivity ends.

Now how about that hick ho-down in Bowden?? So, I've seen numbers recorded anywhere from 1-2000 up to 5-6000 people attended it. By the pictures it sure looked like there wasn't even an attempt to distance or wear masks, shocking. And you'd think, of course with this COMPLETELY going against the advice and direction of AHS, that there'd be consequences to such behaviour, right? Ummm yea, about that.......... There has been a ton of chatter about how the RCMP was contacted about what was being done with regards to the hillbilly rodeo, and apparently they've redirected the blame to AHS as the group in charge, and vice versa when AHS was contacted with concerns regarding the event. Sure a good thing we have restrictions in place, and hell, to more of the incompetent and low functioning folks do I dare say a.......................lockdown.

But hey, as though we haven't had enough "excitement" yet, lets keep going. So Kenney suspended the legislature for a couple weeks but a few days ago. Nobody could understand why such action was being taken, and a reason has yet to be provided. People, through deduction, are concluding that they're trying to keep the politicians healthy and from further spreading the virus.......there are a few problems with this logic.

  1. I can't speak to this, however, I believe with what I've observed through documented question periods before, that they are able to have diminished numbers in the actual main legislative area while other members view from another room via a television to allow for minimizing risk.

  2. I find it VERY hard to believe, and by hard I mean damn near impossible, that all the members haven't already been vaccinated. (cute considering I'm sure a number of the UCP don't believe in the virus anyhow)

  3. Why couldn't they set up a virtual meeting as they've done in Ottawa and the HOC?

  4. Is there anything ironic with the timing that as our numbers are THE WORST in Canada and the States and he STILL have no answers, he tries to shelter himself from not only the opposition but the media and the public in general by retreating from his place of work?? I think not. Funny, it wasn't enough to stop his entitled cabinet from travelling to Hawaii around Christmas, ala Aloha Gate.

What added to the magnitude of these actions (there was a small section discussed on The Strategists podcast) and both Charles Adler as well as Don Braid commented on the choice to suspend the legislature. Adler, and this is a rough quote not direct, can be summed up as "The only reason someone would suspend the legislature is because, 1. They're afraid of the people or 2. They're very very afraid of the people". Don Braid included in an article of his that, "There are many things that a government with a severe crisis on its hands probably shouldn't do. Leaving town is one of them." Pretty telling viewpoints from those who have been around a while and involved in either Conservative politics or covering Conservative politics.

Alright, now how about these "new restrictions" eh? What is the most infuriating part of these restrictions aren't the restrictions themselves. It's the fact that we know there won't be any enforcement. We know these are simply platitudes. We know that he isn't interested in bettering the life of Albertans and moving us forward. He's interested in pandering for votes, but he is so completely and utterly tone deaf and incompetent. It's simply damning.

So he's pissed off the left and I'm sure a number of centrists by not putting in strong enough measures EARLY to snuff out the virus or at the very least minimize it (Not looking for COVIDZero) and he's now angered the RWNJs but implementing too strict of restrictions. He can't win. He can't endear himself to the populace. He's not nutty enough for some, and he's been hated since before he took office by the others. He's angered thousands upon thousands of people for all types of self lit fires. He needs to resign, plain and simple.

Something that was disclosed on the ol Twitter machine while I was writing this is, apparently Kenney has been receiving threats from RWNJ's about the restrictions. I'm sure it also had something to do with the fact that Kenney was apparently repulsed by the concept that the Bowden hillbilly rodeo, and all the idiocy and selfishness that accompanied those people, are part of his base. Apparently there was a meeting with UCP cabinet members that informed Kenney as much. Kenney stated that he "wants a new base"......hey little Jay, I know common sense isn't something that comes naturally to you butttttt, when you're a degenerate and fucked 50 ways from Sunday in between your ears.......that's what you get for fans.

BTW, a little tip, you were told to throw a circuit breaker AGES ago by medical professionals FAR SMARTER than yourself you narcissitic ghoul. This doesn't make up for anything, this doesn't redeem you, this just reaffirms what you should have done ages ago. You were told and you wouldn't listen. You have a smart opposition, they've been giving you answers the entire time, of course, I understand how the earplugs probably got in the way.

You're a failure. A complete fucking waste of skin. I don't wish ill on others but, it's more than fitting that the threats are now coming for you too. You treat people like shit, you grift, you lie, you gaslight, and you're dumb as a sack of bricks. This couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Karma's a bitch.

Alright, if you've got to this point, thanks for reading :)

Talk soon again,

Keep your heads up, stay safe. We need to remember we have plenty of awesome Albertans. We need to drive the cancerous ones either out, or back under the rocks by which they came.


A friendly face

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