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Mmmmhmmmm lets watch them BURN!

What a couple of weeks eh?

So Kenney proves that he's incompetent by booting the COVID response, like anybody is truly surprised.......and then, in the subsequent logical move, he suspends the legislature for 2 weeks.....oh wait, 3. 3 weeks. Where were they going? Another trip to Hawaii? Just needed some R and R considering all the pooch pounding they've been doing? What a disgraceful bunch of misfits.

After the hiatus was extended to three weeks, I was expecting SOMETHING to develop....and then came the letter of resignation from MLA Todd Loewen as well as the demand for the resignation of Premier Jason Kenney. Of course, would that clown Kenney resign? No of course not. It's not his fault that he's got zero human capital and is a complete narcissistic piece of shit. It must be the fault of...............Drew Barnes? haha, of course. It can't be then the broken child Kenney removes both Loewen and Barnes from the caucus. Another short sighted move by our equally short premier.

So from Kenney most recent list of failures:

1. Butchers the response to COVID

2. Runs away from both the effective opposition and the people by taking a three week unannounced vacation from the Legislature

and NOW

3. Will begin the dismantling of the Conservative group he thought he could pull together. Knowing Kenney, he's probably surprised that they didn't willfully follow his lead......pretty stupid for a lifelong learner...... They did for a while I guess, but the breaking point has arrived. He started with 2. How many more will follow their lead? He's opened the floodgates. He crossed the line within his own party that will lead to his complete destruction. Kenney has no foresight. Kenney has limited mental capacity. Kenney is a complete dumbass. I can't wait to watch this come down and crush him. Go back to Ontario you low grade pile of fecal matter.

Only the biggest fucking buffoon could turn a "Conservative" (we're not Conservative, people have no clue what the hell they stand for and what the term Conservative even stands for) province against some lost butthurt Ontarian, sociopathic, narcissistic freakshow. Fuck you Jason Kenney. To the depths of whatever hell you crept out of and back. And when you get back, an infinite degree more pain because you're the most useless human being to ever walk this earth..............second to only.............Stephen Harper.

I'll have the popcorn and drink ready for tomorrow. Lets. Watch. This. BURN!!!!!!!


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