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The UCP, Catholic church and how it's shaped Canada Day 2021

Good evening friends,

It's been a while but I've got a nasty bee in my bonnet and I simply won't remain silent. First off, tomorrow is Canada's birthday and as much as I'd love to take a rock hard stance on what I plan on doing tomorrow, I don't feel terribly equipped to do it. I'll tell you what I WILL be doing.

  1. Remaining masked. I plan on continuing to be dedicated to protecting those around me, family and friends, and even those who feel they're smarter than science and want to celebrate our "freedumbs" from this virus that isn't yet in the rearview.

  2. I plan on paying a great deal of attention to what our indigenous brothers and sisters are doing and not only continuing to amplify their voices, but also to reflect on what we can do better to heal the wounds that continue to exist and to listen and learn from. The only way we have any chance to heal, mend bridges, and eventually move forward together is by listening.

As residential "schools" continue to be searched and ground penetration technology is used to unearth the body counts from these devastating "schools". The pressure is going to continue to mount on the Catholic church to show some integrity, and own their disgusting past. It isn't limited to residential "schools". They have a long past littered with black marks.

When faith leaders have had inappropriate relationships with young boys, was that ever punished? No, no it wasn't. In fact the church has been known to relocate such vile individuals so to protect them. The residential schools is an equally large boil on the Catholic church. How do you justify trying to force First Nations people to abandon their culture, while being subjected to all kinds of disgusting and inappropriate treatment, which ended up in the deaths of THOUSANDS of children. Children.....let that set in.

It doesn't need to be spelled out, but that's called murder. There are also endless sexually related charges that I'm sure could be levied against this same group. They've left people with indelible scars, both physically and mentally. So we're sitting here in 2021 HOPING that they take responsibility and start by APOLOGIZING? What the hell are apologies going to do? They need far steeper, harsher, and indefinite punishments than that. What they did was CRIMINAL. Locked up in prison, permanently.

Typically, we as a people, look to our leaders to lead us with a beacon of light during the dark times. This would qualify. Our PM has asked, one more than one occasion, that the pope come to Canada and apologize to the First Nations people of Canada. Will he do it? Not a chance. That would admit wrong doing, and from wrong doing, needs to come answers. Does ANYONE believe that they would provide suitable answers for the RS? Not a fucking chance. There IS no suitable explanation.

Do you know what the cuck Jason Kenney has done?

Well lets see:

  1. Had a racist speechwriter that referred to residential schools as a "fad". A FAD? Are you on fucking glue? Bellbottoms were a fad. Spinners were a fad. The mass murder and abuse of First Nations children that has brought shame to many Canadians, many who were unaware of the DEPTH of the cruelty, is considered................a fad?? Fuck me, I'll be back, I need to be sick...............

2. He employed a "scholar", also a racist, by the name of Chris Champion who put forth a curriculum that's been rejected by all but 5 school boards throughout the province (if I'm not mistaken) based partially on it's terrible job to respect and reflect the impact Canadas First Nations communities have had in our history. Oh, and I'm sure there was also pushback on the religious component, that nobody in their right mind wants polluting the young healthy minds of our kids, with the favourable light being shone on Catholicism and Christianity. *Violently vomiting*

3. He brought in First Nations leaders to give input into the curriculum.....and then ignored their suggestions as it would clearly throw a wrench in his holy bullshit.

4. He engaged in coal contracts in our Rocky Mountains, without any consultation, many leading to the poisoning of the water supplies to the First Nations communities around said sites.

5. He sent out empty platitudes online at the discovery of the numerous bodies found in unmarked graves at the RS's. Then, in the same breath, he's making appearances at a burned Catholic Church and then went further to set his personal cuck KC Madoo on ensuring there is heightened presence around the churches as they're such pivotal blah blah blah, I'm going to fucking chuck again....... Also, and this may come to news to some, apparently he's given faith leaders money (I saw an article in the millions) to protect their houses of hate. Maybe they should get some real lines of work and then they can pay for their own expenses. Where are the bootstraps??

6. He removed a safe injection site in Lethbridge that quickly resulted in a disproportionate number of First Nations people dying of drug use.

At this point you're probably asking, Did he make any appearances at any residential "school" locations? Of course not. He's made it very clear how little he thinks of First Nations people.

I'll tell ya, I am not wishing any harm on those attending the Catholic church. I'm not nasty like that. With that being said, I'm not shedding one tear for the churches that

have been burnt down, or graffitied on either. There is an old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the oil and this wheels been going hard for sometime.

I'm not a fan of organized religion to begin with, but these latest incidents that have been happening around the Catholic church. (including that idiot pastor in Ontario who called attention to "all the good" the church did..........) is, IMO, going to continue to not only shine the flood light on the destructive, hypocritical and abhorrent nature of such things as Catholicism but continue to the eventual destruction of the blind, ignorant, weak and pathetic following that such fairy tales and fake promises they continue to peddle breed.

If you're caught in the trap of indoctrination, do yourself a couple favours:

  1. Ask questions, challenge everything, and don't let some vague verse from the bible, which is then interpreted and fed back to you by someone with an agenda (he doesn't have God's ear, sorry to break it to you) keep you on this blind and self righteous path in this thick fog leading to nowhere.

  2. Worry about living in the here and now, instead of dedicating your lives to try and chase some "magical afterlife". Another heartbreaking moment I'm sure, you won't know what comes after you're gone. Live your own life, don't let some book drawn up by some dude with no credibility dictate how you should live your life.

  3. Another moment that'll come as a shock, just because you call yourself religious, or your go to church, or you pray, it doesn't make you a good person. If you've subscribed to this mind rot, you're likely very judgemental, delusional and a main player in causing division between people who are different from you. I've met many people who identify as "religious", who are huge pieces of shit.

  4. Organized religion can also be likened to terrorism. It controls you by planting a seed and then fostering fear within you. "Oh what if I do this, will I be judged? Oh, if I do this, will there be a place in heaven?" For the love of everything right in this world, take back the wheel to your life. This might come as a shock but, there is nothing coincidental in the fact that people who free themselves from religion describe themselves often as "recovering".........mmmmmhmmmmm food for thought.

Alright, I'm done. The weathers hot, the freedumb idiots will be out roaming free tomorrow, and I'm sure the Delta variant will be running rampant through the population in no time. (Not my wish, just a reality of living under Cuck Kenney's leadershit.

Be responsible friends. We're getting closer to 2023 every day and we'll be rid of these racist, misogynistic bags of fecal matter soon enough.

Stay healthy, Stay Cool.

Chat again soon.


Friendly face

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