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Laura Grant
Jul 06, 2020
In #FiretheUCP Forum
Any interest in a GoFundMe and putting information into every single Albertan's mailbox? My hunch is that most people don't know the extent of UCP cutbacks. Our neighbour is a Dr, she didn't know that she had been working without a contract, she also didn't know that her daughter lost her EA. I'm action oriented, complaining on Facebook and Twitter is going nowhere, we're all preaching to the same choir. Let's arm people with knowledge, specifically how it affects them personally and financially: The UCP platform was for jobs, jobs, jobs. Why didn't this happen? Job losses prior to COVID so that they can't blame COVID. What does a downgrade mean? Wrong direction, Fitch downgrade meaning. Why did your car insurance go up? (removed cap, explain what a cap is) Can't book an Alberta park site? (UCP sold # Alberta Parks) Have you lost your family doctor? (here are the locations without doctors, emergency services, etc.) Did you worry about why it took so long to get your test results? (privatized lab services, loss of superlab) How big will your classroom be with all the education cutbacks and why does this matter? Is there really a middle management level in school boards? (very important, this is the UCP line) Will we still have world class education? ( and why the changes to an american system matter (bottom of TIMS and PISA ) Election campaign funding changes and why we can send this CPP, you've worked hard your entire life and what it means (finances) Who set up transfer payments, what transfer payments are, the year he set them up, and what it means to Albertans How many services have been lost? CIP, SCiP, nonprofit and charity funding devastated, deregulation, and the Babylon app issues. What does the loss of the Heritage trust fund mean? How much was it and who does it belong to? Hit them the next week with: What would a separation from Canada entail? Which UCP MLAs have come out as separatists, what it would cost Alberta - police, crossing the border into Canada (border security), health care, healthcare to travel into a different country (Canada), recognition in UN, infrastructure (do we have to buy it back from Canada?), pipeline would have to cross an international border out of a separated Alberta into the US and Canada which would require and abide by international law, passports, CRA, taxes, doctors are under the federal charter, we'd like lose free healthcare, and every single thing we have now would be costly, have to be funded out of your newly Alberta separated taxes, and be set up from scratch. The two sided paper would include graphics to prove all of this, information from StatsCan and whoever else provides clear visuals. Every single Albertan would hopefully see the facts and hopefully change their mind. The only way to change what's happening is to inform.
Laura Grant

Laura Grant

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